Hailing from the seaside town of Mount Maunganui, and now based in Auckland, Alex Wildwood is the man behind a slew of tracks from New Zealand’s most promising new acts this year. As a life-long songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with solid personal indie-projects such as Shakes and Beeches, Alex found production as a way to further songwriting for himself and the artists he has been collaborating with. “I feel like songwriting and production are so equally intertwined, they often make a creative feedback loop and bring more out of each other as the song is being written.

This year has been a busy one for Alex, co-writing and producing stand out tracks with the likes of Sachi, NÏKA, Siobhan Sainte, October and Earth Tiger. Alex’s belief in crafting strong songs with fresh production is what gives his sound a uniqueness and real soul.