ROBINSON Biography

Since releasing her dramatic debut Don’t You Forget About Me two years ago she’s unveiled a raft of captivating, atmospheric moodpop, prompting Clash to bill her as “one of pop’s hottest new properties”. Her melodic lightness is complemented by lyrics that frequently take Robinson and the listener to bleak places. 

Songs like Medicine, Don’t Trust Myself and Nothing To Regret have already seen Robinson pick up fans and streams in the tens-of-millions, and there’s a barrage of state of the art pop waiting in the wings.

Robinson’s releases to date have been championed by everyone from NME, who described Nothing To Regret, a platinum hit back in New Zealand, as a “pop juggernaut”, to Clash, who praised songwriting that was “remarkably mature, incredibly fresh”. In emotional ballad Medicine, Robinson sings of the realization of the pain caused in past relationships; Karma, meanwhile, is a gold-plated revenge bop.  

These songs were just the tip of the iceberg as Robinson returned with her debut EP Watching You and Don’t Say, a heartfelt reflection on letting go of someone you once loved. The EP was produced wholly by Sam de Jong and was written in the UK, US & her home New ZealandLead single Watching You details the struggles behind trying to move on from someone you still love – eluding to the inspiration behind the whole EP of, “love and heartbreak”.