OCTOBER Biography

Exploiting sound waves, confiding in voids

OCTOBER is a 20-year-old music school dropout who writes records and produces her own music. Her dark pop sound draws on post-punk elements and places it in a modern, electronic setting with percussion driven and synth orientated beats.

October’s debut single ‘Cherry Cola’ amalgamates infectiously catchy vocal hooks with October’s signature production of abrasive aural texture that’s almost tangible. ‘Cherry Cola’ seeks to place October on the map as one of New Zealand’s most exciting emerging songwriter/producers.

“Cherry Cola is a critique on youth culture and the commercialisation surrounding it. It has become this pre-packaged and polished version of an idea we buy into in order to feel like we belong to something. Cherry Cola is about the over-romanticised notion of teenagehood, and the stupid feats we endure in the pursuit of coolness. This song is admiration and awe as much as it is lovingly contemptuous.”

Earlier this year October joined Broods on the New Zealand leg of their tour, playing to crowds of thousands at venues including Horncastle and Vector Arena. She has also played support act for emerging New Zealand heavyweights Lontalius and Maala, as well as international sensation Yung Lean.

As a “music school dropout” Emma Logan prides herself on her DIY ‘bedroom-producer’ approach. Completely self taught, Emma’s production packs an impressive punch and stands her in stead as one of New Zealand’s most promising new female producers.